What I Learned From Playing a Poker Tournament With No Cards

A while back, I was at the World Series of Poker Circuit stop in Cherokee, North Carolina and chose to play the $125 daily competition without taking a gander at my cards. No joking! The main special case I permitted myself was at whatever point I confronted an all in from a player acting before me.

Annette Obrestad is known for having once won a $4 purchase in 180-player online Sit and Go in this mold. I heard this was a decent exercise for extending your poker muscles, so I needed to try it out in this 400 or more player $125 live competition. Here are the lessons I learned.

Try not to Play Many Hands From Early Position

The primary thing that jumped out at me is that in little stakes competitions like this, I ought not play a lot of hands from early position. These players get a kick out of the chance to call raises and buoy flops with a wide range of frail sets and indirect accesses. Relatively few hands are helpful for continuation wagering or dashing from out of position in multi-way pots, which is something that would need to be done frequently in a competition like this one.

Since I realized that by far most of my hands ought to be collapsed preflop from early position, I just collapsed every one of them. This same approach would apply to a lesser degree in competitions where I can see my hand. The objective in the beginning times ought to be to play theoretical hands that can win stacks and once in a while feign economically. Since this is significantly harder to do from out of position, a large number of those hands ought to be collapsed when initially to act.

Assault Loose Limpers With Capped Ranges

Second, I understood that any simple chips I got would need to originate from free limpers with topped reaches. They are effortlessly beat by bringing up in position and putting weight on their frail hands that are not sufficiently solid to raise preflop or anytime postflop. They will more often than not overlay such hands by the waterway.

A large portion of them aren’t fit for safeguarding against this postflop hostility by raising powerless hands or simply calling down with solid hands. That implies when they do raise, it is typically protected to overlay a large portion of your range. The vast majority of these players aren’t feigning frequently enough. I could abuse my primary rival in this competition in both of these routes without knowing my cards.

Push Very Wide From Late Position

This competition had a quick structure, which implied I was getting short rapidly on the grounds that I was collapsing such a large number of hands. Fortunately, my rivals for the most part played a technique of raising their most grounded hands and limping with their minor ones. This implied I could push wide finished their limps once my stack got to around 20 major blinds. That is generally the size where I wouldn’t chance excessively to win what was in the center, yet at the same time had enough overlay value to get them off of hands like


I pushed 100 percent of hands in these spots and it functioned admirably enough. I wouldn’t be astounded on the off chance that you could push something like 40-60 percent of hands ideally in this situation in little stakes amusements.

In the uncommon situations where the activity collapsed around to me in late position, I would open-push 15 BBs from the catch and cut off with 100 percent of hands. In the event that you take a gander at a Nash diagram, you will see that you can push 30-40 percent of hands in this situation regardless of whether your rivals are calling effectively. Notwithstanding, in the event that you take a gander at the right calling ranges, you will rapidly understand that nobody calls accurately. This implies you can push even more extensive than Nash.

Since I’ve seen these little stakes players crease what ought to have been clench hand draw calls against a Nash pushing range, I figured pushing 100 percent against them couldn’t be that awful. I wouldn’t be astounded if pushing something like 60-80 percent of hands would be ideal in this situation.


I exceedingly suggest that all genuine poker players take a stab at playing a little stakes competition dazzle sooner or later in their vocation. It was a fun ordeal that expanded my solace with playing great spots rather than great cards.

At the point when all you need to go on are peruses and data other than your opening cards, you in the end figure out how to wind up a more engaged and insightful player. In the wake of taking in the essential arithmetic of the amusement, I trust this is the greatest advance for most players to take their recreations to the following level.