How Did Counter Strike: Global Offensive Become So Popular?

Counterstrike: global offensive is the finest and most competitive first-person shooter game which test your skills. It is the most played game in all around the globe. It’s some advanced and ultimate features makes it more interesting and successful game ever.

Global Offensive is the new version of the counter strike series. It has shown the rapid growth in just a few months and become the most favorite shooter game out there. It launched tons of new characters, skins, and new maps. It added weapon trading, gambling, map rotation and gives stunning graphics. All these things make the global offensive the most favorite shooter game amongst the people.

Here are some reasons how did counter strike global offensive become so popular –

Realistic genre

As every player know that counter strike has two sides terrorist and counter-terrorism and had amazing weapons which give the realistic genre. There is no need for any game’s mythology to understand the game. It has a very simple and general idea.

Game mechanics

As the game has a realistic genre which makes easy to pick as a beginner but it takes some time to be master in it. It is fun to explore the different levels of the game and need some team strategy to win games.

Map rotation

Global offensive new version launches some amazing features, map rotation is one of them. Map rotation makes the each and every game new and different for the players.

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Weapon purchasing system

New features of global offensive also include weapon purchasing system. It allows the players to sell and buy weapons. It provides a special market for weapon trading. This makes your game more interesting.

Social mechanics

Counterstrike is the first to expose the world to social online gaming.  It immersed the world where other people are playing together or with each other. This was the something new in the gaming industry.

CS: GO betting makes the game more interesting

The players make bet on either skins or esports side. The betting on skins is done for better skins and the better also make bet between the players. There are many csgo betting sites are available where you need to deposit some money or skins in order to play.

Conclusion –

Millions of people love to play the new version of the counter strike that is global offensive. This is the only game which gets better with its every new version. It is a simple and easy game to learn but hard to master.