5 Things Every League Of Legends Pro Do

If you don’t know about the League of Legends than let me tell you that it is the best online multiplayer battle game you can which you can enjoy with your friends. There are millions of people who are paying this game all over the world. If you want to play it like a pro from the beginning then read all the things given below. Given below are the 5 things which every LOL pro do.

They choose the champions according to following things –


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  • Abilities

There are almost 140 champions in the LOL and a professional know what to choose and how to choose. The first thing they do is check the overall champion’s abilities and pic 1-2 as their favorite than they learn everything about them thoroughly.

  • Damage

The 3 types of damages are physical, magical and true. When choosing the champion they check the damage endurance and damage capabilities of the champion. Doing this will help them choose the perfect player for them.

  • Roles

You will find 6 roles in LOL which are mages, Marksmen, Tanks, Fighters, supports, and assassins. If you really want to become a pro then you should understand the roles your choices properly. Every role has some specific specialty so understand their pros and cons by looking at their stats.

Follow the objectives –

The primary objective of the game is to earn experience to improve the ranking and to earn as much gold as possible. The secondary objective is to kill the dragons and baron in an appropriate time. When you will focus on these things and avoid unnecessary killings than you will do really well in the game.

Sometimes it gets difficult for the players to get every objective so when the situations get tough most of the player use elo boost to improve their rankings.

Learn the map –



Many pros just by heart the whole layout of the summoner’s rift so that they can move in the game as freely as possible. Understanding it will help you recognize the place where you are starting the game and lead you further easily. This game has 3 lanes top, bottom, and middle.

Read the guides by top players –

Many players improve their performances by learning the tips and tricks from the guides written by the top players. Many of the guides provide the brilliant insights on the features like game mode, champions, elo boost etc of the game.

Follow the Professional players –



They follow the professional players on YouTube or twitch and watch their game for a better understanding of the game. It is seen that many people learn faster through these live videos that’s why few pros like to follow the professionals on these platforms.