Top Tricks And Cheats For Playing Candy Crush

Candy crush is one of the best puzzle games and everyone knows about its addiction. The best thing about this game that it doesn’t matter how many levels you crossed but the challenges always remains difficult.

Here know some candycrush tips and cheats that can help you crush the more candies and beat up the next level.

Know the basics of the game

The basics of this game are very simple. You will get a number of candies where you need to match the three or more than three similar candies to crush them. The best way to finish the level quickly by using special candies and boosters to fulfill the level’s objective. But the objective changes with the level like matching all the candies, grabbing ingredients and much more. The special boosters and candies help you to crush more and more candies and make your level easier.

Start at the bottom

The next trick which you can follow is crushing the candies from the bottom. Crushing the candies from the bottom is always better than crushing them on the top because when you crush them on the bottom, they drop down and build the potential for making a cascade effect which gives you free moves.




Know the best and worst combos

When the two similar and special candies you have in the adjoining slots then you can match them and create a special combo. But you should know that not all the candies are useful. The combination of striped and wrapped candy is the best one which clears the three vertical lines and three horizontal lines at a time. Striped and color bomb combo are also a great combo as it turns all the jellies into striped candy and crushes them. Know the best combos which you can use.

Know your right stripes

Among all the special candies, the easiest one is striped candy. The candy will be stripped in the same direction where the final candy moved to form the last formation. If you move candy vertically then it will make a vertical stripe which gets explode vertically only.

Clear jellies on the edge

When it comes to clear jellies, the edge and the bottoms are the hardest places to clear the jellies as they have the minimum number of combinations which can clear them. So first see all the moves which can eliminate the jellies from the edge and bottom.


These are the best tricks and cheats which you can use to beat up the further levels of this game.