Counterstrike: global offensive is a basic first person shooter game which has two sides, one is terrorist and the other is the counter-terrorists. It can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, OS X and PlayStation 3.

With tremendous growth, counter strike: global offensive becomes the most popular first-person shooter video game amongst the people of the world.

It is a multiplayer game with tons of character and has some amazing features. It also offers gambling as csgo gambling where people gamble either on esports side or for better skins.

It is a simple game and have easy rules to play and understand. It has two sides one is terrorist and the other is the counter-terrorists. A terrorist can win by killing all the counter-terrorists and successfully planting all the bombs whereas counter terrorist can win by killing all the terrorists and successfully defusing all the bombs.

Following tips and tricks on playing counter strike –

  • Crosshair placement – Most of the weapons on the game deal with one shot headshot to the person without a helmet. You need to learn the aim for the head. Don’t randomly shoot on the body.
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  • Financial advice – The game is not only about combat tactics. It is also a game in which money management is very important for winning a game. You need to make your finances whether you are losing a game or winning a game. If you find a shortage of money after losing pistol, best way is to save money by not buying for one or two rounds then you will save enough money that you can buy an armor or rifle.
  • Learn the map routes – you need to learn the maps routes. This will help you to find the easiest and fastest routes for the bomb sites. It will also help you to know where you are and where to go. The location will also help you to throw smokes and flashes. There are some good maps are on the steam workshop for smokes and flashes.
  • Practice is the key – For becoming a professional gamer of the counter strike: global offensive you need a lot of practice until you are good enough. A lot of dedication is required to become a professional. This is the best way to improve your game.


The supreme features and stunning graphics make the Counterstrike king of the first-person shooter game. All you need some practice and strategy to become a professional in counter strike.