Masked Forces is a 3D first person shooter that you can play in your browser for free. Get ready to enter the arena and battle with other players! Before you enter a game, you can choose your username and view your current character level and available cash. You can also collect your daily rewards here which can be cash or even new weapons.

This game features both campaign and online pvp modes – you can also change the loadout of your character including their amour, weapons. Useable weapons include a revolver, a slugger, a Thompson and even a HMG light machine gun. In battle, you must keep moving, aim carefully and stay alert – you never know when your enemies will appear! The gameplay is intense and the graphics are reminiscent of Counter Strike. Can you become an elite masked fighter and eliminate all your opponents?

Fun multiplayer and Singleplayer gameplay
Range of weapons such as a machine gun, smg and sniper rifle
Upgradeable characters
Masked Forces is developed by Freeze Nova who have also developed Masked Forces Zombie Survival.

WASD keys to move
Left click to shoot / Right click to aim
R to reload
Mouse wheel to cycle through weapons