Accessing and analyzing the merits of each runner is important and there are many factors that should be considered before placing a bet.

Gathering and organizing all the information about the horse, jockeys, and grades of the race is important. This helps to make the better betting decisions. The analysis of all the handicap factors of the horses is also important. You can also get tips, news, tipping advice from the high end experts like Mason Soiza which will definitely help you a lot and will give you an edge.

Here are some important analysis factors on horse betting –

In horse racing, the class is referred in two different ways. First, it is used to define the different grades levels of the race. And secondly, it is used for handicapping perspective that refers to the ability of the horse compared to its rivals.In respect to all, a class is described as the combination of speed, stamina, determination, qualities to win and competitive nature. The higher grade of a horse means the horse has high stamina, speed and a determination that needs to win the race.

Recent form
Accessing the recent form of horse which includes its previous race, today race and checking all the latest finishing positions of the horse. Consider the all sustainability conditions of the horse in a race and other factors which may impact its performance.

Fitness is also very important for the horse as with athletes. The fitness of the horse needs to be in a peak condition. This is necessary for the horse to perform at its full potential. To bring a peak condition of the horse, a trainer uses a combination of training, trials, and actual racing. After a number of races holding a peak condition, a horse gets tired physically and mentally and they may need some break or spell. The fitness of the horse is also one of the important factors for your assessment.

Jockey is one of the most important factors in racing. You need to consider jockeys analysis if you want to maximize your success as a punter. The recent performance records, previous record on horses, training and everything you need to analyze about jockey in your assessment.

Horse racing

Horse racing

Track condition
The track is also referred to as the going. The condition of the track or state of the ground must be considered in which the race is going to held on.The wet tracks that are involved in whether today’s race or in the past is the problematic process because it brings an additional challenge in the selection process.


Above analysis and assessment of all the factors is necessary before betting on a horse. It will help you take right decisions and increase the chances of winning more races.