Casino Poker for Beginners: Get to Know Poker Room Personnel

Among the themes I have attempted to cover in this arrangement of articles for players new to live poker is to clarify the “hardware” you’ll experience in a poker room — that is, the chips, cards, catches, and even the tables and seats.

It strikes me that I should finish this subject by likewise portraying for you the general population who work in the room, without whom all that gear would be pointless.

What I am depicting here are a larger number of parts than people. I make that refinement on the grounds that the measure of cover between the parts shifts gigantically, contingent upon the span of the room. For instance, while the greatest rooms in Las Vegas may have upwards of three clerks in the confine doing only trading money and chips, a little room will regularly consolidate the part of front work area and clerk — and that individual will even now have a considerable measure of sit out of gear time!

Hell, I’ve played in poker rooms that never have in excess of two representatives working at once. One fills in as merchant while alternate does everything else: deals with the rundown, welcomes and seats clients, clerks, intercedes as floor when important, picks up the telephone, et cetera. They turn off like clockwork, more often than not.

Yet, given the proviso that portraying diverse parts does not really compare to depicting distinctive individuals, how about we start.


The “brush” is the one employment title that players new to the gambling club are most drastically averse to have known about previously.

The term began truly — this was the individual doled out to keep the room and tables clean, including brushing the tables free of pieces and different flotsam and jetsam. Such could be an all day work in a vast room.

However, when the poker blast came and each gambling club needed to have a poker room, regardless of whether a little one, there wasn’t sufficient exacting brushing to keep a worker occupied. Thus, you’ll now hear the expression “brush” connected to a wide range of parts.

A few spots call their host position the “brush.” Some poker rooms have merchants turn into the “brush” position as a major aspect of their circuit through the tables over the span of a move, in which case it’s regularly a blend work as both a clean upper and a chip-sprinter.

So, this is a word that now implies practically whatever a poker room supervisor needs it to mean. (This is something or other that makes me speculate that poker room directors have a mystery society that meets and savagely plots approaches to sow disarray in the poker world.)


This is the individual who trades chips and money, obviously. (Clue: Independently twofold check their work inevitably. As far as I can tell, they commit errors more frequently than you would figure. Math is hard.)

Chip Runner

This is a man doled out to spare you from walking forward and backward between the table and the clerk, both when you initially take a seat and in the event that you have to purchase more chips.

In any case, when you’re liquidating out to leave for the day, you’ll take your own chips to the clerk. In any event that is the strategy in each club I’ve played in. On the off chance that there are exemptions, I still can’t seem to experience them.

Mixed drink Waitress

As the title infers, this is the individual (almost constantly female) who conveys drinks to players. Most generally this incorporates both alcoholic and non-mixed beverages, however a few clubhouse have self-serve stations for water, espresso, and additionally squeezes and other soda pops.


This one is simple and self-evident. The merchant keeps the amusement running at one table.


Differently alluded to as “floorman,” “floorperson,” or simply the “floor,” this is the following level of expert over the merchants. The floor will be called to a table to settle debate, issue notices or punishments to getting out of hand players, answer addresses the merchant doesn’t have an inkling, and handle installment of any big stakes or rewards. This is normally likewise the individual who you have to way to deal with ask for a table change.

In numerous poker rooms, the floor is in charge of favoring comp tickets (for dinners, and so forth.), albeit progressively this is finished with an electronic player-following framework that does not require a player to get anyone’s approval for utilizing comps. Most rooms will have only one individual filling in as floor at any given moment, yet bigger rooms may have a few, each doled out to oversee a particular square of tables.

One other undertaking you’ll regularly observe the floor do is bargain a couple of hands at a table. At the point when it’s the ideal opportunity for the merchants to pivot tables — typically like clockwork — the floor will assume control for Dealer A, who then “pushes” the following merchant, et cetera in a chain response. At the point when the last merchant in the chain lands at the table where Dealer A had been, the floor can backpedal to his standard undertakings. (All things considered, this procedure is typically begun by a merchant falling off of a break, however the floor will do it if for reasons unknown no merchant is on break at the time.)

On the off chance that you see another merchant assuming control and after that get supplanted only maybe a couple hands later, you in all probability have seen the floor beginning the half-hourly custom known as “the push.” The floor will likewise comparably fill in for a merchant who needs to take an unscheduled restroom break, however this isn’t visit.

The floor individual is regularly the one with access to the remote controls for the extra large televisions. So on the off chance that you need one set tuned to, say, the buzkashi competition (find it!) live from Kabul, now you know who to inquire.

I’m just part of the way through my rundown, however completely through my designated space, so I’ll keep acquainting you with the poker room workers you have to know in the following portion of “Club Poker for Beginners.”