Dog Days of Summer……Tube Socks vs. Ankle Socks

The tube sock,we all have worn them some people still wear them,plain white or multi-striped the tube sock will never go away… you pull them up to your knees, or do you roll them down…… you wear plain white ones or multi-striped………how many of  you have worn them with sandals…….or even worse how many of you have worn them with dress pants…..did you ever coordinate the multi colored- stripes with your shirt… couldn’t wear a red T-shirt and have  blue & yellow stripes on your socks…..have you ever worn a pair so much that you wore a hole where the big-toe sits…….were you able to keep lint balls from forming on your tube socks…..were you ever yelled at by your parents to put house shoes on because you will get your socks dirty…..

Aqua Blue with a Red stripe

Aqua Blue with a Red stripe


The ankle sock……..I have to admit I did not like ankle socks until I got older, I was strictly a tube sock kind of guy, but one day I put on a pair of ankle socks and I never looked back, ankle socks are more comfortable, they let the foot breath alot better, they look cool when you wear them with shorts, they also don’t take up as much space in the dresser drawer like tube socks,they do look better with certain types of sandals……..guys you should never sport  a pair of ankle socks with the little fuzz-ball on the heel….rip that ball off…and also make sure you lotion the backs of your heels when you are rocking ankle socks…….and also make sure you aren’t wearing high water pants with ankle socks not a good look.

Not 4 the fuzzies off!!

Not 4 the fuzzies off!!




Personally I like Ankle Socks

Personally I like Ankle Socks

♦written and posted by gtn206tech 6-30-09♦

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2 comments on “Dog Days of Summer……Tube Socks vs. Ankle Socks

  1. I used to wear tube socks up tall all the time….they got too hot somewhere along the way, now only wear them with pants when working outside all day in the winter chill…they make good deer hunting socks or ski socks…everybody wore that style with mid-thigh shorts in 1980, by 1990 nobody did…rarely seen these days…they’re just socks, don’t suppose it matters. What goes around, comes around. Some high school radical will discover he can be cool if he wears his socks different from everyone else, then they all will be wearing them…..Kyle Korver wears them up tall for good luck when shooting hoop for the nba…went from a skinny kid at a small college to a nba millionaire, guess it worked! see if you want to try a pair…question: are they now old school or new school?

  2. guys stopped wearing tall sox w/ shorts when the shorts got long down below the knee…tall sox don’t look good that way unless you are a gangster home-boy…then you can get away with it…
    also they changed the fabric from cool stretchy comfortable acrylic nylon to hot tight thick uncomfortable cotton…they just don’t feel right up tall–too tight and hot…
    if you want to see how good they can look, go rent the movie “54”…Ryan Phillipe looks good wearing that style…very 70’s
    when shorts go back up to shorty-shorty, you will see this style come back too

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